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Supply customized JBK3 series step down transformer to Russia

The order main description as below,

JBK3 series Control Transformer
Model: JBK3-160, Power:160VA, Primary voltage:380Vac, Secondary voltage:15Vac(20VA) & 220Vac(140VA), Insulation grade: B,Freq.:50/60Hz, with PE connector,100% copper windings,bring an shield between primary and scondary windings.


REELEN have disptached this batch order to Russia in June, 2016.


Contact: Henry Zhou

Phone: +86-13626551830

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Whatsapp: +86-13626551830

Email: reelen@reelen.com.cn

Add: Xiangyang Industrial Zone,Liushi Town, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China. 325619