S13 Type Oil Immersed Power Transformer

  • 500kVA 10kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer (Model: S13-M-500)
500kVA 10kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer (Model: S13-M-500)

500kVA 10kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer (Model: S13-M-500)

  • Primary Voltage: 10kV
  • Secondary Voltage: customized
  • Connection Symbol: Yyno or Dyn11
  • No load loss: 480W
  • Description: 500kVA 10kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

S13 Type Oil Immersed Power Transformer


1.Standard:IEC/ ISO CE Certification
2.Rated voltage: 10kV
3.Three Phase Oil Immersed Type Power Transformer
4.Low loss & noise
5.Completely protection
6. Fully-sealed
7.Beautiful appearance, reliable quality
8.Easy to install


S13 type is based on the original S11 distribution transformer, through the research and application of new materials and new processes and the combination of independent innovation and technology introduction, through the optimization and innovative design of iron core and coil structure, our company can achieve the purpose of reducing no-load loss and noise. Self developed products.

The no-load loss decreased by 37% on average. Compared with the current National standard JB/T10088-2004, the noise level has decreased by 20% on average, and the product performance level has reached the domestic advanced level.

Working Conditions

1. Maximum ambient temperature: + 40 ℃
2. Minimum ambient temperature: - 25 ℃
3. Altitude: < 1000m
4. Maximum monthly average relative humidity: 90% (20 ℃)

5. Installation location: it should be installed in a place without fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration, indoors or outdoors.
6.If any special working conditions that are not in line with the above stipulations, user shall negotiate with us.

Model and Its meaning

Product Features

1. The transformer iron core is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which greatly reduces the no-load loss and no-load current. The iron core is bound to ensure the compactness of the iron core and reduce the noise.

2. The high and low voltage windings are wound with oxygen free copper. The low voltage windings of 500KVA and below adopt double-layer cylindrical structure, 630kVA and above adopt double helix or four helix structure, and the high voltage windings adopt multi-layer cylindrical structure.

3. Transformer connection group adopts Dyn11 to reduce the impact of harmonic on power grid and improve power supply quality.

4. The transformer is of fully sealed structure, which can prolong the service life, free from hanging core and maintenance.

5. The measured noise value is lower than the standard.

Main Technical Parameters




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