CKSC Series High Voltage Dry Iron Core Ac Series Reactor

  • 6.0kvar 10kv Three Phase High Voltage Dry Iron Core Series Reactor (CKSC-6/10-6%)
  • 6.0kvar 10kv Three Phase High Voltage Dry Iron Core Series Reactor (CKSC-6/10-6%)
6.0kvar 10kv Three Phase High Voltage Dry Iron Core Series Reactor (CKSC-6/10-6%)6.0kvar 10kv Three Phase High Voltage Dry Iron Core Series Reactor (CKSC-6/10-6%)

6.0kvar 10kv Three Phase High Voltage Dry Iron Core Series Reactor (CKSC-6/10-6%)

  • Rated System Voltage: 10kv or Customized
  • Inductance: 3X233.233mh
  • Reactance Rate: 6%
  • Insulation Grade: F or H or C as Customized
  • Description:
CKSC Series High Voltage Three Phase Dry Type Iron Core Series Reactor


CKSC series high voltage dry type iron core three phase series reactor is an important auxiliary equipment for the reactive power compensation device of the power system. After the power capacitor is connected in series with the dry type core reactor, it can effectively suppress the higher harmonics in the power grid and limit the inrush current and operating factor of the power grid, and power capacitors. The safe operation of other electrical equipment has played a greater role

Model & Its meaning

Normal working conditions

1. The ambient temperature: the highest temperature around the reactor 40ºC, the lowest temperature -25ºC, annual average temperature of 20ºC.
2. Relative humidity: the relative humidity of the reactor is less than 50% at 40ºC up to 90% at 20ºC.
3. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
4. The installation of the air without harmful gases, vapors and conductive or explosive dust.
5. Other content exceeding the technical conditions, used by the technical department, the households negotiate processing and indicate when ordering.

Technical performance parameters

1. Dry-type reactors compared to traditional oil-immersed reactors and air-core reactors. The volume of the device is small, light weight, small space, and structure simple, easy to install and so on.
2. The temperature class up to F (155ºC); when normal operation, the temperature rise of the iron core and the coil of the dry type iron core reactor does not exceed 90K.
3. The dry type iron core reactor can be transported for a long time at 1.35times rated current row.
4. The dry type iron core reactor noise is not greater than the national standard.
5. The dry type iron core reactor pressure level in line with JB5346-1998 "Series reactor" provisions.

Product features

1. The iron core of CKSC dry type iron core series reactor adopts imported high-quality silicon steel sheet. The core column is divided into uniform segments through multiple air gaps. The air gap is insulated with epoxy cloth to ensure gas.  The gap does not change in the long term operation of the reactor.
2. The end face of the iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet end face glue, so that the silicon steel sheet is firmly combined, which greatly reduces the noise during operation and has better moisture and dust resistance.
3. The coils are epoxy cast type. Epoxy glass grid cloth is applied inside and outside the coil for reinforcement. The F grade epoxy casting system is used for pouring under vacuum state. The coil not only has good insulation performance, but also has high mechanical strength and can withstand high current impact and cold and heat shock without cracking.
4. Epoxy pouring coil does not absorb water, low partial discharge, can be safely operated under harsh environmental conditions.
5. The upper and lower ends of the coil are made of epoxy pad and silicon rubber shock-proof pad, which effectively reduces the vibration of the coil during operation.

Product specifications, model parameters and dimensions table

Note: the above specifications are common specifications and just for reference only. We can customize any special one according to customer's requirements.




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