ROCL Series Three Phase Ac Output Reactor

  • 11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)
  • 11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)
  • 11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)
  • 11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)
11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)

11kw 30A Three Phase AC Output Reactor (Model: ROCL 1%-30/11)

  • Rated Current: 30A
  • Rated Voltage Drop: 1%
  • Inductance: 0.234mh
  • Rated Voltage: 380V or 400V or 660V or Customized
  • Description:
ROCL Series Three Phase AC Input Reactor


REELEN Input and output reactor for variable frequency speed regulation: inverter and governor during use, often suffer from the surge current and surge voltage impact, the performance will be severely damaged and the service life of the converter and the governor, so to use input reactor arranged on the front, to suppress the surge voltage and surge current protection, inverter and governor, extend the service life and prevent the harmonic interference, at the same time, as the frequency converter and adopts frequency conversion speed governor is the way, so often produce hormonics and waveform distortion in the speed, will affect the normal use of equipment, therefore, require the installation of a reactor output on the output side, to filter out the harmonic voltage and current, improve the quality of power grid. Our produced Input and output reactor, using high quality imported silicon steel sheet, the advanced technology refined, have the advantages of small volume, low temprature rise, no noise etc..

Our AC input and output reactor can match with SIEMENS, ABB, Hitachi, Toshiba, Matsushita, Sanken, Yaskawa, PU, Danfoss, Fuji, LG, OMRON, Continental, OMRON, moden Schneider, Lenze, Emerson, and other domestic and foreign brands converters.

Normal working conditions

1. Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m.
2. Ambient temperature -25ºC~+45ºC, Relative humidity is not exceed 90%.
3. Environment exists without harmful gas, steam, chemical deposition.
4. The surrounding environment should be good ventilation conditions, such as in the cabinet, should be equipped with ventilation equipment.

Technical performance parameters

1. Rated working voltage: 380V/440V 50/60Hz
2. Rated working current: 5A-1600A @40ºC
3. Dielectric strength: iron core winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s free arc breakdown (factory test)
4. Insulation resistance: 1000VDC≥100MV
5. Reactor noise: less than 65dB (1 meter test with reactor level point)
6. Protection grade: IP00
7. Insulation grade: class F above
8. Maximum current: 1.5* rated current, continuous 60S
9. Temperature rise: ≤90K
10. Product implementation standards: IEC289:1987 reactor, GB10229-88 reactor (EQV IEC289:1987), JB9644-1999 semiconductor electric drive reactor


The input reactor can provide overload protection for the line power supply and reduce the current harmonic distortion of the inverter; Improve the power factor of the input power supply, reduce the harmonic wave and suppress the surge of the inverter on the power supply equipment.
1. The power supply has obvious interference (interference and overvoltage) to other equipment.
2. The power supply phase voltage imbalance should be more than 1.8% of the rated voltage.
3. The line with very low impedance (power transformer is more than 10 times of the rated value of the frequency converter).
4. A large number of converters installed on a line to reduce line current.
5. Correction of capacitor or power factor correction using cosΦ (power factor) unit.


It is recommended to use input reactors in the following circumstances:
1. frequency converters in parallel close connection
2. line power supply has obvious disturbance from other devices (interference, over voltage).
3. there is voltage imbalance between the phases of the line power supply, exceeding 1.8% of the rated voltage.
4. a large number of converters are installed on the same line
5. reduce cos C overload on the correction capacitor if there is a power factor correction device in the device.
6. power supply capacity is 60KVA and above, and frequency converter installation location is within 10M of large capacity power supply.
7. the frequency converter is powered by a very low impedance line (10 times higher than the inverter's rated value).

Model & Its meaning

5.5kw 15A Three Phase AC Output Reactor with Ce Certificate (ROCL 1%-15/5.5)

Overall dimension and installation dimension diagram

Basic parameters & dimensions
Model Rated current
Governor frequency converter power (kW) External dimensions LxWxH (mm) Installation size (mm) Rated Voltage drop Inductance (mH) Insulation Grade
ROCL 1%-10/2.2 10 2.2 155×130×130 120×60,4-φ8 1% 0.701 H
ROCL 1%-15/5.5 15 5.5 155×130×130 120×60,4-φ8 1% 0.467 H
ROCL 1%-20/7.5 20 7.5 155×130×130 120×60,4-φ8 1% 0.350 H
ROCL 1%-30/11 30 11 155×130×130 120×60,4-φ8 1% 0.234 H
ROCL 1%-40/15 40 15 155×140×130 120×70,4-φ8 1% 0.175 H
ROCL 1%-50/18 50 18 155×150×130 120×80,4-φ8 1% 0.140 H
ROCL 1%-60/22 60 22 155×150×130 120×80,4-φ8 1% 0.117 H
ROCL 1%-80/30 80 30 190×150×160 150×85,4-φ8 1% 0.088 H
ROCL 1%-90/37 90 37 190×150×160 150×85,4-φ8 1% 0.078 H
ROCL 1%-120/45 120 45 190×160×160 150×95,4-φ8 1% 0.058 H
ROCL 1%-150/55 150 55 230×150×220 180×85,4-φ8 1% 0.047 H
ROCL 1%-200/75 200 75 230×150×220 180×85,4-φ8 1% 0.035 H
ROCL 1%-250/100 250 100 230×160×220 180×95,4-φ8 1% 0.028 H
ROCL 1%-290/132 290 132 265×180×250 200×90,4-φ8 1% 0.024 H
ROCL 1%-330/160 330 160 265×190×250 200×100,4-φ8 1% 0.021 H
ROCL 1%-390/185 390 185 265×190×250 200×100,4-φ8 1% 0.018 H
ROCL 1%-490/220 490 220 290×160×310 200×100,4-φ8 1% 0.014 H
ROCL 1%-530/240 530 240 290×160×310 200×100,4-φ8 1% 0.013 H
ROCL 1%-600/280 600 280 290×170×310 200×110,4-φ8 1% 0.012 H
ROCL 1%-660/300 660 300 290×170×310 200×110,4-φ8 1% 0.011 H
ROCL 1%-800/380 800 380 290×190×310 200×130,4-φ8 1% 0.009 H
ROCL 1%-1000/450 1000 450 360×270×420 200×130,4-φ8 1% 0.007 H

Note: The above specifications are common specifications for reference only. Reactors of other voltage levels, different capacities and different voltage drop rate can be manufactured according to user's requirements.

Connection way diagram




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