TDR Series R Core Power Transformer

  • 20VA Single Phase R Core Power Transformer (Model: TDR-20)
20VA Single Phase R Core Power Transformer (Model: TDR-20)

20VA Single Phase R Core Power Transformer (Model: TDR-20)

  • Primary Voltage: 110V,220V,380V or Customized
  • Secondary Voltage: 12V,24V,110V or Customized
  • Shape of Core: U
  • Safety Standard: En61558
  • Description: 网上赌博网站十大排行十大赌博平台排行榜【网址:】
TDR Series Single Phase IP00 R Core Power Transformer


TDR series R core power transformers are suitable for products whose working voltage is not higher than 500V and power frequency is 50Hz/60Hz. They are widely used as power supply for CNC machine tools, office automation equipment, video and audio equipment, etc.

Structure characteristics

TDR series single phase R core power transformer has the characteristics of low leakage, low loss, low temperature rise, low noise, simple structure and reliable installation.

Working Conditions

1.Ambient temperature: -25°C~+55°C
2.Altitude: <2000m
3.Relative humidity: <95%
4.Environment exists without gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust or dirt that will affect transformer's insulation seriously, also explosive or corrosive medium is not allowed.
5.If any special working conditions that are not in line with the above stipulations, user shall negotiate with us.

Model and Its meaning网上赌博网站十大排行十大赌博平台排行榜【网址:】

Overall dimension and installation dimension diagram


Note: It is available for us to customize special voltage and special size according to customer's requirements.




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