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  • Avoid violent vibration, prevent corrosive gas and liquid from flowing in, prevent it from being irrigated and placed in a ventilated and dry place, and do not cover the fabric to hinder ventilation and heat dissipation.


  • The Temperature Controller is mechanical and electronic. It is mechanically pressed with two layers of different coefficients of thermal expansion. When the temperature changes, its curvature changes.


  • The temperature controller is automatically adjusted by the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the temperature sensitive fluid and the incompressibility of the liquid.


  • The voltage regulator is a power supply circuit or a power supply device capable of automatically adjusting the output voltage, and the function thereof is to stabilize the power supply voltage which is large in fluctuation and cannot meet the requirements of the electrical equipment within its set value, so that various circuits or electric appliances are provided.


  • Voltage stabilizer can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, post and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments of electronic computers, precision machine tools, computed tomography (CT), precision instruments, test equipment, elevators Lighting, imported equipment, production lines, etc.


  • According to the international division regulator, it can be divided into the following seven types of A. V. R.