Three phase ac voltage stabilizer

Three phase ac voltage stabilizer is widely used in: voltage testing instruments, lighting equipment, computers, X-ray equipment, photographic equipment, communication systems, industrial robots, production line control devices, security alarm systems, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, CNC machine tools, Motors, air conditioners, air conditioners, television equipment, audio systems and photocopiers.
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  • General SBW-F Series full automatic split-adjustable compensated voltage stabilizers, this products is three sets of single phase voltage stabilizer composable and base on SBW series products improvement of voltage stabilizer,applicant to when input three phase voltage unbalance or power newwork fluctuation and unbalance load current fluctuation, it can keep output three phase voltage in steady state automatically balance, also can keep stable voltage adjustment, output-keep high precsion etc.

  • It is widely used in posts and telecommunications, shopping malls, elevators, hospitals, schools, printing, weaving, securities, all occasions that require normal voltage assurance, and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises workshop, part of power supply and important equipment and matching.

  • DBW/SBW Series large power voltage stabilizer has advantages of small volume, light weight, large capacity, high efficiency, wide range high precision strong protection without wave-form distortion, reliable operation and easy installation, etc.

  • TNS Series Three-phase stabilizer is the combination of high-function single-phase stabilizer, the incoming power of the power network is three-phases four wires system, the output power also three-phases four wires with three electric meters to separately indicate three-phase, and shift switch and voltage meters to separately indicate three-phase, and shift switch and voltage meters to shifting and surveying each phase.

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