Switching mode power supply SMPS

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  • single output industrial DIN RAIL power supply for competitive industrial applications, such as industrial control systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, factory automation, electromechanical equipment, etc.

  • The rail power supply is an economical and thin 75 watt to 480 watt AC to DC rail type power supply that meets the German industry standard. This type of machine can be mounted on a DIN rail TS35 / 7.5 or 35/15 rail.

  • The company is "quality is good, customer first" as its purpose, unremitting technological innovation, further improve product quality and technology content, and work together with the new and old customers to create brilliant!

  • Strictly follow the wiring position indicated by the power output terminal. The wiring should be firm. Make sure that the output line is not connected. (Input “220VAC” to connect to the mains, output “+” to the positive pole, and output “-” to the negative pole of the load).

  • The company's products have been widely used in military and civilian telecommunications equipment, LED decoration, mechanical medical equipment, display, security systems and other fields. Efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, achieve energy efficiency level 6, power consumption is very small, support sample test, energy saving, more efficient power saving.

  • Tablet PC, LED display, LED soft and light strip, mobile DVD, EVD, ADSL, POS, multimedia set-top box, LCD, small appliances, battery charger, videophone, laptop, satellite receiver, digital photo frame, Computer peripheral products, instrumentation, electronic game consoles, hubs, mobile communication equipment, bank data equipment, alarm equipment, medical equipment communication equipment, industrial electrical appliances, security engineering, monitoring systems and other fields.

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