LED driver

LED Driver refers to the power adjustment electronics that drive LED illumination or LED module components to work properly. Due to the on-characteristics of the LED PN junction, the range of voltage and current variations that can be accommodated is very narrow. A slight deviation may not illuminate the LED or cause a significant decrease in luminous efficiency, or shorten the service life or even burn the chip.
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  • The company's products have been widely used in military and civilian telecommunications equipment, LED decoration, mechanical medical equipment, display, security systems and other fields. Efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, achieve energy efficiency level 6, power consumption is very small, support sample test, energy saving, more efficient power saving.

  • Tablet PC, LED display, LED soft and light strip, mobile DVD, EVD, ADSL, POS, multimedia set-top box, LCD, small appliances, battery charger, videophone, laptop, satellite receiver, digital photo frame, Computer peripheral products, instrumentation, electronic game consoles, hubs, mobile communication equipment, bank data equipment, alarm equipment, medical equipment communication equipment, industrial electrical appliances, security engineering, monitoring systems and other fields.

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