Control transformer

Control transformer is mainly used as a portable work light, tunnel lighting, power supply for local lighting of machine tools and equipment with a height of less than 2.5m, and as a power tool for some wet or dark working places with dangerous operation. power supply.
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  • Transformers/reactors/intelligent integrated substations-Smart Energy for Better Life

  • Equipment Specified Dry Type Isolation Transformer With good moisture resistance, it can work normally under the100% humidity. After it stopped operating, the outage without pre-drying can be put into operation again.

  • JBK5 series transformers are used in the 50-60HZ ac circuit of input voltage less than 660V and output voltage less than 230V as machine equipment in various area for controlling the power of electrical equipment , lighting and Signal lamp. This series transformer is adopted in Germany technical and made improvement on the base of JBK3 model.

  • It is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), voltage 1000V and below, and can work continuously for a long time under rated load. It is commonly used as a control lighting and indicator power source for electrical appliances in machine tools and mechanical equipment.

  • JBK3 series machine tool control transformer is a kind of new product by reference to sample of SIMENS Company,it accords with standards like VDE0550,IEC204-1,IEC439,GB5226,etc.It is suitable for AC circuit of 50~60Hz,output rated voltage less than 220V,input rated voltage less than 500V,worked as control power supply for mechanical equipment and general electrical appliance and as power supply for work lighting and signal lamp.

  • BK series machine tool control transformer is suitable for circuit of 50~60Hz, voltage up to 1000V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances,local lighting and indicator lamps.

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